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5 Ways To Avoid Period Leaking You Wish You Knew About Sooner

1. Slow & Steady Wins The Race

When you’re asleep, you remain in one position for hours. And all the blood coming out due to the gravitational force is retained in your vagina instead of flowing out into your period product. So instead of jumping out of your bed, ease yourself into a pillow and slowly get out of bed to prevent sudden leaking.

2. Ek Se Bhale Do!

You’re going to toss and turn in your sleep all night, and itni uthal pathal mein your pad is also bound to move, right? So why just one? Use two pads during your period nights! To put your mind at ease, or if your period is particularly heavy this month, try wearing two pads to cover the entire area of your panty.

3. Change Your Pad Before You Sleep

You get the most absorption from your period products like pads and tampons if you change your pad shortly before you go to bed. There are night pads, for example, that provides up to 8 hours of leakage protection. If you put on a new pad right before going to bed, you’ll enjoy the entire 8 hours of chain bhari neend.

4. Wear A Tampon Or Menstrual Cup

If you have a history of sleeping in, this isn’t the best option for you because using tampons for more than 8 hours raises your risk of infection. Your other great option is using a menstrual cup. If you’re prone to hitting the snooze button frequently, they’re a boon. Do menstrual cups leak? Menstrual cup leaks are very rare, so you can sleep befikar.

5. Track Your Period Every Month

Keeping track of your period might dramatically transform your cycle! Knowing when your next period is due will help you plan what pants to wear, what products to use, and whether or not to take any extra precautions, such as mattress coverings or dark towels on your sheets, for peace of mind. You can use free apps such as Flo, Eve by Glow, or Spot On, amongst several others.

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