5 Underrated Female Friendships Where Women Work #BetterTogether

It goes without saying that friends are important. They are essential to anchor us and give us their valuable support and company. But, they don’t always have to only be our school, college, and work friends. Here are five underrated female friendships that keep our lives stress-free because it’s where women work #BetterTogether:

1. Friendship With Your Female Boss

Women bosses are khadoos.’ This is one of the worst stereotypes bringing down potentially great relationships between two women. The sweeping generalisation has even become fodder for meme content. But truthfully, your female boss is the mentor, guide, and advisor you need in your life—not just at work, but otherwise too. It is the women who came before us and shattered the glass ceiling that cleared the path for us to become Boss women in the future.

2. Friendship With Your Parlour Wali Didi

In a love-hate relationship, you can’t imagine life with your parlour wali didi. Even though she causes you pain, unintentionally, of course, she is your go-to every month for some self-love, grooming and pampering sessions. She brings you gossip from the neighbourhood with a side of mommy style lecturing on how you shouldn’t shave your legs, or how you’re not taking care of your hair, or even pointing out your blackheads and dark circles. Now that you’re an adult, she may even know more intimate details about your body than your mom does. (Brazillian waxes, anyone?!)

3. Friendship With Your Gynac

We all remember our first appointment with the lady doctor for our lady bits. Dreading the appointment, hoping the ground would just open up and swallow us whole. And then as you get older, the gynaecologist becomes your friend. The friend you go to not just for routine checkups but with questions about body changes, birth control, fertility, sexual health, breast exams, PCOS, weight gain, and so much more. The relationship is filled with trust, respect, and full disclosure—just like real friends.

4. Friendship With Your Child’s Nanny

‘Japas‘ or nannies sometimes are literally the lifelines of new moms. They care for your child, develop a bond with your kid, and nurture your little one just like you need them to. They even take care of you, sometimes. How can you not have a friendship with someone who you trust to take care of your child?