5 Tips To Get Through A Day  Of Karva Chauth Fasting

1. Sargi This sargi is a traditional meal, a thali or an assortment of different food items that women receive from their mothers-in-law.

2. Prepare Well Avoid eating spicy, oily food the previous night. Any food that will cause acidity should be avoided. Instead, eat ghar ka khaana the night before as well.

3. Take It Easy Do not overwork during the day, take it as a day off. Hand off the chores to someone else. Do not exert yourself too much on the fasting day.

4. Break Your Fast Rehydrate while breaking the fast, drink a glass of water. Avoid acidic beverages and soft drinks.

5. Health Comes First Pregnant women shouldn’t fast  & so shouldn’t women with pre-existing health conditions.