5 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s Having Sex


“He didn’t even notice my lingerie” The moment he sees you, he rips that lingerie apart and, boom, starts the action. That makes you wonder whether the lacy thingy was even worth it.

“What do I do with his damn balls?!” You’re as bewildered about what to do with his sac as he is about your clits. Okay, you know you got to do something with the but what?

"Hmm… must have come across this move from porn” Certain moves are so far from reality, as unreasonable as certain positions just out of some porn flick that doesn’t do anything for you at all.

"Oh, that’s all!” Penetration does nothing for women. It doesn’t give us orgasms, something that foreplay does. 

“When are you going to get done?” Orgasms, oh my gosh, keep that coming! But since penetration doesn’t give us orgasms, some women want to get it over with as soon as possible.