Top 3 Favourite Kama Ayurveda Facial Oils

1. What are face oils & what’s usually their base ingredient? Facial oils are oils which can be used or applied on the face for multiple benefits.

2. What is the difference between a carrier and an essential oil? Essential oils are distilled extraction oils from aromatic parts of a plant or tree. They shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin.

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3. How do facial oils work on one’s skin? How should you choose the right face oil for your skin type? A component of the Pitta dosha termed as Bhrajaka Pitta resides in the skin, and is responsible for absorption of facial oils applied on the skin.

4. Can you skip a moisturiser if you put face oil? When in the day and in which step in the skincare routine must one use face oils? Yes, you can skip moisturising your skin if you use a facial oil.

5. How to understand if your face oil is not suiting your skin? Are face oils recommended for acne-prone skin? If your skin develops rashes, pimples or itching, then your face oil is not suiting your skin. But the key is also in the application. Don’t lather.