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5 Things To Consider Before Using The Pull-Out Method

A number of contraception methods were introduced and evolved as the concept of family planning became a norm. These methods and their effect can range from temporary to permanent, depending upon your need. But sometimes people like to go for natural alternatives and the pull-out method has to be the most popular among these. In the pull-out method, the partner ejaculates after pulling their penis from the vagina and from the genitals (vulva). The intention is to stop sperm from entering your vaginal canal, so that they can’t travel to your fallopian tubes.

1. Use a second method of birth control. The most effective technique to lower your risk of pregnancy is to combine the pull-out method with another type of birth control. IUDs and implants are two forms of long-acting reversible contraception that are 99% effective at preventing conception.

2. In addition to the pull-out procedure, using spermicides and contraceptive gels reduces your chance of getting pregnant.

3. Avoid using the pull-out technique during ovulation. Your chances of getting pregnant are highest these days.

4. Before intercourse, make your partner urinate. Your partner can eliminate sperm-containing pre-ejaculate fluid by peeing before sex, which can reduce the possibility of you getting pregnant.

5. Maintain a supply of emergency contraception. If you’re employing the pull-out strategy, prepare for the worst-case circumstances.

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