5 Steps To Achieve Your No Makeup Makeup Look Flawlessly

1. Go On Easy With Foundation Or Simply Ditch It  

This step completely depends on how your skin is. If you have dark spots on your face you’d like to cover the dab with a little foundation/concealer on that area and blend it. If you’ve got clear skin and you just wear foundation to build a base you can either skip it or use very little of it. But please make sure that your foundation matches your exact skin tone.

2. Quit Eye Makeup Completely

Whether it is using your bronzer as an eyeshadow or just not wearing eyeshadow, eye makeup is the first thing you can consider removing from the list of makeup essentials for this look. Remember we are keeping it as minimal as possible here, so just curl your eyelashes and apply a clear mascara if you have got one.

3. Lip Balms Are Your Best Friends    

When it comes to lips, you can either go for a lip shade that’s just the natural colour of your lips or you can apply lip balm with a tint. As you’re not going to wear your go-to shade of lipstick, you can choose a lip balm that is hydrating if you’re wearing a lipstick that is the same as your lip shade. Also if the lipstick is matte it helps as it looks more natural.

4. Blush Is A Must    

Well, if there is one product you don’t have to ditch, it is blush. But be selective about the colour as we don’t want it to look like we have applied makeup. So choose a blush that suits your skin tone and apply very little of it. To make the process easier you can apply the blush using your fingers and not a brush. This way it’ll blend more nicely.

5. Remember To Use Compact Powder To Set Everything      

Lastly, it’s important to set the makeup you’ve done with a compact powder to avoid any crease lines. So take a compact powder of your shade and use a brush to set your makeup. The key to achieving a no-makeup makeup look is not to apply a lot of products and work with less, the same rule applies to this step as well.