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5 Skincare Secrets From Boss Lady Sushmita Sen On Her 47th Birthday

1. Besan (Gram Flour) & Malai (Cream Of Milk) Face Scrub For Exfoliation The  diva swears by DIY hacks for her daily skin care routine and this  besan-malai scrub is one of her favourites. While besan is an excellent  exfoliator, removing dead cells and exposing softer, smoother, more  supple, and tighter skin. On the other hand, malai also offers the same  benefits to the skin, improving its radiance and combating acne.

2. Papaya-Orange Juice For That Glow Using  papaya and orange juice is one of her favourite home remedies for that  unmissable glow on the face. And, oh boy, it clearly shows on her skin,  doesn’t it?

3. Rose Water For Freshness Like  Anadya Panday and several other B'wood celebs, the Bawse Girl too loves  to spritz rose water on her face for that fresh, dewy, natural look. It  also hydrates the skin, keeping the skin from looking tired.

4. Everyday Skincare guide Being  exposed to layers of makeup and harsh arc lights takes a toll on the  skin. Therefore, she takes care to keep herself hydrated by drinking  sufficient water and following a regular sleep routine. What’s more, she  uses sunscreen religiously during daytime, whether she’s outside or  not.

5. A Clean Diet Following  a healthy, balanced diet definitely reflects on the skin & hair  health. The Aarya actor includes grains, almonds, and milk into her  daily diet. Natural fruit juices also feature at the top of her daily  diet. She consciously stays away from friend foods.

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