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5 Skin Care Hacks For New Moms

Weight gain, breastfeeding troubles, backaches; I think as a new mom I was prepared for most things in terms of body changes back in those days. I wonder how I was totally unaware of the mandatory hair and skin woes that begin postpartum and end almost never!

1. Melasma Also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” melasma (brown pigmentation) typically collects around the cheeks, forehead, eyes and sometimes around the mouth. This is merely caused by high levels of pregnancy hormones in your body which decrease after you’ve given birth.

2. Hormonal Acne Skyrocketing progesterone and estrogen fluctuations lead to increased sebum production and clogged pores causing these unwanted guests on the face. While all this is a very natural reaction of our body with the aftermath of having a baby, that doesn’t make it any less irritating.

3. Facial Spider Veins Increased blood circulation and hormone levels highlight facial veins in a spider-like effect. These small reddish blood vessels branching out around the face (commonly around the nostrils and cheeks), neck and upper body might look a bit unpleasant and disturbing to many. In most cases, these diminish within 4-6 months postpartum.

4. Dry Skin Postpartum hormonal changes can sap skin of lipids during and immediately following pregnancy, leading to patchy dry skin on the face. I know in the initial days with a newborn you might be dealing with your baby’s nappy rashes and not have time to deal with your own skin, but tackling dry patchy skin is relatively simple and should be easy to fit in your schedule.

5. Loose Skin Loose skin is a normal experience after delivery. During pregnancy, the skin stretches to accommodate a growing bump. As a result, many women find that the skin around their stomach is loose after giving birth. How quickly the skin returns to normal after delivery can depend on many factors, including one’s weight, age, and genetics.

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