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5 Simple Ways To Use Ghee For Skin & Face

The first thing our mom tells us to do when we complain of chapped lips is to apply ghee. Lip balms and chapsticks may come and go. But ghee has proven to be highly effective in healing and curing dry, chapped lips.

1. Ghee For Chapped Lips

Using ghee for skin whitening and brightening is potent. Face masks with ghee are highly effective.

2. Ghee Face Mask For Bright Skin

Applying ghee on face during winter and seasonal changes keep it soft, supple and moisturised. To nourish your skin deeply, heat ghee and apply all over the body.

3. Fight Dry Skin By Applying Ghee

Tired of using under eye creams and serums to no effect? Here’s something that will surely work. Apply ghee under your eyes as well as on your eyelids. Do this every night and wash it off the next morning.

4. Applying Ghee To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

In Ayurveda, ‘Shata‘ stands for 100, ‘Dhauta‘ means thoroughly washed with water, and ‘Ghrita‘ means ghee. This is a remedy used since ancient India for a number of skin issues.

5. Shata Dhauta Ghrita

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