5 Simple DIY Ideas To Try During Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi

1. Creativity With Cardboards Using the mount boards, you can design a beautiful and attention-grabbing darbar to place the Ganpati murti.

2. Paper Flowers Decoration Paper is an eco-friendly decorative material and the best Ganpati decoration for the home and  the bonus is that kids love it!

3. Clay Ganpati Idols If you have children at home, then this Ganesh Chaturthi decoration item is perfect to fume in their creativity.

4. Pop Up Greenery Go green and gather all the plants in the area where you have decided to keep your Ganesha and make a green home for God.

5. Decorate With Colourful Flowers Colourful flowers add a festive  spirit to your home and you can also arrange them creatively and make rangoli patterns.