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5 Signs Your Sunscreen Has Expired, According To A Dermatologist

Sunscreen can go bad before its expiry date, especially if it is not stored properly. So, here are some tips to properly store your sunscreen: – Sunscreens should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

1. Storage tips for sunscreen to prevent it from going bad

All cosmetic products come with a shelf life, especially chemical sunscreens. The chemicals in them will lose their efficacy after the expiry date

2. Sunscreen can go bad after shelf life even if one hasn’t opened the bottle

Here are 8 must-know facts about using sunscreen by an expert. The expiration varies in different sunscreens, know more here: – Chemical sunscreens are more likely to go bad post expiry, going bad means losing efficacy

3. Different types of sunscreens and their expiry

If one applies a sunscreen beyond expiry, the molecules of active ingredients would have broken down and sunscreen won’t work as effectively.

4. Sunscreen won’t work effectively after expiry

Check for the following signs to know that the sunscreen has expired: 1. Consistency: If it has become watery. 2. Colour: If the colour is a bit off. 3. Fragrance: If the smell is not usual.

5. 5 signs to tell if your sunscreen has expired

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