5 Signs Your Partner Is Not Good For Your Mental Health & Self-Esteem

Mental health

1. Never Messages Or Calls You First In a healthy relationship, the effort to stay in touch lies with both the partners because it’s a clear indicator that you both care about each other. 

2. Disappears Without A Reason Whatever be the case, him pulling a disappearing act on you without informing you isn’t healthy behaviour.

3. His Eyes Rove If you frequently notice him noticing other girls constantly even when in your presence, imagine what he would be like when you’re not around.

4. You Feel Something’s Not Quite Right We all have our sixth sense and it’s important to listen to them closely at all times. Because your subconscious never misleads you.

5. He Never Listens To You You would rather “adjust” and accept the way things are rather than nurture the thought of not seeing him ever again and then experience the immense emotional turmoil that will follow.