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5 Signs Your Curly Hair Lacks Hydration & Needs ‘Oil’ The Love It Can Get

A large part of your hair’s health and shine is dependent on the sebum (natural oils) released by your scalp. This oil gets dispersed through the shaft and right to the ends when you comb your hair or run your fingers through it. If you have straight hair, gravity makes the process easier. But with curly hair, your curls are lifted and sit away from the scalp. This is why curly hair tends to be dryer, more prone to breakage and split ends, and even lacks shine without adequate hydration and moisture.

1. Your Curly Hair Looks Dull & Lacks Shine Parched, dehydrated locks, irrespective of the texture, will look lifeless and lack sheen. If your hair looks over-dry and aged, it’s a sign your tresses need added moisture and nourishment.

2. Your Hair Feels Rough If your hair has begun to feel straw-like when you run your fingers through it, it needs hydration. Rough hair is more prone to breakage, damage, split ends, and tangled curls.

3. Your Hair Feels Frizzy Lack of hydration makes your curls frizzy. The only way to tame gravity-defying curls is to use products that give them some moisture-packed hold.

4. Your Hair Is Breaking It’s a matter of cause and effect. If your hair is dry, unmanageable, gets tangled easily and feels rough, it is going to break. Losing between 100 and 150 hair strands a day is considered normal but if you find tufts of hair in the shower drain, on your pillowcase or on your floor, it’s a sign your haircare routine is not working.

5. Your Hair Elasticity Is Compromised A sign of healthy curls is their ability to bounce back. A quick tip to gauge your hair’s health is to check its elasticity. Try stretching your curls by gently pulling from the tip and watching them recoil back to their original shape. The more elastic your hair, the better is its health. Healthy curls snap back into shape without overstretching or breaking.

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