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5 Secrets You Only Share With Your Brother, Your Original Partner In Crime

1. Eating Junk Food When Your Parents Aren’t Around

Oh, you were one of those kids whose parents didn’t allow digging your teeth deep into those oh-so-delectable although unhygienic street food lined up outside school? But you had it anyway once in a while, if not everyday. Thanks to your ever-so-indulgent brother who would volunteer to get some chillar sher ke mooh se (AKA from your Dad), so that you can have what you want.

2. Playing Hookie & Bunking School

It was perhaps your charmingly wicked brother who deliberately put the idea in your head. Or, expressed his utter surprise on knowing that you’re yet to bunk classes despite being in high school. And that egged you on and gave you the himmat to actually turn the idea into reality.

3. Forging Your Parents’ Signature

Oh no, a red mark on your report card! And you need to get your parent’s signature on it! Your friends must have tried cheering you up saying pyaar ka rang laal hai, but you knew that your parents wouldn’t interpret that red ink as your teacher’s love for you. So, the first time you see red on your exam paper, your world turns upside down.

4. The Fake “Group Study” Sessions

We all know what all we were up to in the name of “joint study”. And the excuse gradually increased with time, having discovered the myriad advantages of it. But Moms always know! So, she starts throwing a volley of questions at you about your whereabouts, , why you need to wear the bestest of clothes, choicest of deos, and layers of makeup just to go and study together.

5. Coming Home Drunk

If you have an elder brother, it’s most likely that he shared his gyaan of alcohol names with you. And in case your brother is younger than you, you probably discovered the names together. Whatever be the case, once you took to drinking it, there was no looking back. You started going out with friends for just a drink or two, and that number inevitably ended up beyond what you can keep a count of.

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