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5 Revolutionary Menstrual Hygiene Products From Indian Brands 

Saukhyam is an award-winning NGO working to make reusable menstrual hygiene mainstream, affordable, and accessible to all. The USP of reusable pads from Saukhyam is that they are made from banana fibre and cotton cloth, ensuring that they are biodegradable and devoid of carbon footprints.

1. Saukhyam Reusable Pads For Starters

Cambio’s Cambio 100% Organic Cotton Pads are ultra-thin and super-absorbent. They’ve 100% rash-free guarantee that ensures a smooth experience on those harsh days. Their Leak Locker Technology traps fluids and eliminates leaks through unique channels on the 100% organic cotton top layer.

2. Cambio 100% Organic Cotton Pads

Evolve Essentials Sustainable Sanitary Pads bring you just what you need to keep the ugly period rashes at bay – rash-free period products. The super absorbent nature of the acrobat premium cotton sanitary pads soak in all the blood flushed out from your body, eliminating the scope of spillage and keeping you free of rashes.

3. Evolve Essentials Sustainable Sanitary Pads

Period cramps are such a mood spoiler. But what if there is a roll-on product that gives you mukti from unbearable period cramps. Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On is made for just that.

4. Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On – 10ml (Pack Of 3)

My Cara is driven by the three pillars of comfort, health, and environment. Their products are designed in a way that your period does not act as a barrier for you to inch closer towards your goals. These products are devoid of chemicals, freeing you from allergens and protecting your health.

5. My Cara Organic Cotton Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pad

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