5 Rangoli Ideas To Decorate Your Home During This Diwali 


1. Colourful Peacock Design Accentuated With Florals Begin by sketching the outline of a peacock & then add flower petals & other traditional patterns around it.

2. Flower Rangoli Design This rangoli design is evergreen because it uses distinctly different coloured flower petals – a little bit hatke from the ones crafted from rangoli colours.

3. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Design Or Round Rangoli Design Traditional Diwali rangoli design of a symmetrical circular shape is one of the most common ones that you get to see on festive occasions.

4. Simple Yet Intricate Rangoli Design It appears simple at first glance, but drawing this sleek design takes hours of hard work, patience, time, and a practised hand.

5. Swastika Rangoli Design In Hinduism a swastika is believed to call upon positive energies &, hence, is integral to starting a new life experience on a good, auspicious note.