5 Practical Ways Of Face Waxing At Home

1. Shaving

One of the best methods for removal of facial hair at home is shaving. And no, it’s not those jumbo razors men use, but dainty ones that are made specifically for women. You can buy facial razors for women at various online sites and even your local beauty supply store.

2. At-Home Waxing

Full face waxing is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair on your face. A lot of women use wax to trim their eyebrows and remove upper lip hair. With this DIY technique, face waxing at home is now an easy way of hair removal from the face at home.

3. Threading

If facial hair waxing at home is not your preferred option, threading is your best bet. A thread bundle is small and easy to carry. And this is the best way to remove facial hair without any mess! Instead of removing hair with a razor blade, threading is designed to pluck or pull hair from the roots.

4. Epilation

Epilators work similar to tweezing and shaving. This technique removes multiple hairs from the roots at once. Epilators are not just for legs and arms but come in many sizes, making them the best way to remove facial hair.

5. Tweezing

Tweezing works on any facial hair. It’s particularly useful when shaping the eyebrows. This method ensures slower hair growth, about 3-8 weeks. If you are not comfortable with full facial hair waxing or shaving, then this one is perfect for you.