5 Myths You Should Know About Polyamory

Sexual Health

Myth 1 : They are commitment-phobic This means they are afraid of real commitment. In fact, they are committed to more than one person at a time which takes even more from you emotionally

Myth 2 : They just  want to have sex with many people Almost all of them have a one-at-a-time policy and are not involved in any group sex

Myth 3 : Polyams have different values They simply have the same human values as expected in civilized human beings.

Myth 4 : They all are sex addicts It is not actually about sex but to get solace, healthy bonding and good companionship which is the primary aim of such relationships

Myth 5 : There is a higher risk of STIs in such relationships As trust is the basic pillar of such a relationship precautions to protect each other are already taken into account.