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5 Movies You Should Watch With Your Kids This Children’s Day

Children’s movies have so much more to them than what meets the eye. While appealing to the innocent curiosity of the little ones, they also indulge the child-like souls of adults that never stop craving for ingenuous experiences. Hamare andar chhote bachchon ko jagaa dete hai, hai na? Make the most of this 14th November to catch up on a children’s movie (or two) that hasn’t lost its appeal among kids and adults alike, and never will. Have a free day? Get hold of your favourite snack and binge away on your favourite OTT platforms with your kids in tow.

1. The Lion King The hair-raising animated movie set against the African savanna makes a make-belief wildlife scenario look like reality. Woven around a gripping story of how a young lion cub overcomes tragedy and betrayal to chart his way to the top of his Pride and become crowned as the Lion King through sheer grit and intelligence.

2. Krrish Krishna AKA Krrish is pulled towards using his just-discovered superpowers and fulfilling the role of a masked hero, the primary purpose of his life. However, there is more than what meets the eye. Once he does give in to the urge of taking on his new persona, he is magnetically drawn towards his lost legacy.

3. Parent Trap A romantic, popcorn flick that tells the story of separated identical twins meeting at a summer camp just by chance. They swap identities to meet the other parent living in a different part of the world. The twins decide to reveal their identities to their parents at a hotel in San Francisco. This leads to a happily-ever-after ending of the parents meeting and deciding to remarry. Aww, such a feel-good movie!

4. Raju Chacha Siddhant Rai, a wealthy businessman hires Anna as the governess for his three children. In the sub-plot, Sekhar woos Anna, who gets a hint of his fake stories but eventually ends up falling in love with him. But she soon gets to know about the real him and that ends in a breakup.

5. Chachi 420 Selfless love of a divorced father eggs him to take the extreme step of taking up the role of a nanny to his only daughter, who lives with her mother and maternal grandfather. A dramatic turn of events occurs when the grandfather falls in love with this nanny, who is actually his ex-son-in-law, making the movie fun to watch for children and adults alike.

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