5 Most Common Sleeping Positions & Their Effects On The Body

1. Sleeping On Your Stomach This position has the reputation of being the worst sleeping position. Its advantages are grossly outweighed by the disadvantages.

2. Sleeping On Your Side Sleeping on either side has its own advantages and challenges. Which side to sleep on has been a never-ending debate.

3. Sleeping In A Fetal Position This position is when a person sleeps on one side, with their knees curled up and back hunched. It is the best way to sleep for pregnant women.

4. Sleeping In An Upright Position This position refers to the people who have their heads elevated while they sleep. The degree of elevation in these sleeping poses is usually between 20% to 30%.

5. Sleeping On Your Back Sleeping on your back is probably the most ideal of all the sleeping positions. It has a series of benefits.