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5 Lip-Smacking Coconut Recipes

1. Coconut Barfi

Woolly barfis made with desiccated coconut teamed with a mix of sugar syrup, khoya, ghee and a good helping of almonds. Coconut or Nariyal Barfi is a popular Indian dessert, often prepared at festivals like Diwali, Holi or Onam.

2. Coconut Rice

An aroma of curry leaves and fresh coconut makes this delicious recipe of coconut rice flavorful and a favourite down the southern parts of India. Easy and quick to make, coconut rice is the perfect lunch recipe that is light on the stomach yet extremely high on nutrients.

3. Chicken Biryani With Coconut Milk

This mouth-watering delicacy shall not leave you disappointed. Pearl white basmati rice cooked along with local spices, succulent chicken pieces and a creamy addition of coconut milk.

4. Khao Soi

A famous Burmese delicacy studded with chicken and noodles cooked in mild spices and coconut milk. A perfect, delicious whole meal, cooked in just about 30 minutes. This will fill you up with delectable flavours!

5. Mango & Coconut Pannacotta

Fresh mango pulp and coconut milk come together to serve you a decadent Italian dessert – panna cotta. All you need is a few simple, easily available ingredients and thirty minutes. Top it with mint leaves to add a dose of freshness.

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