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5 Ingredients You Can Use Along With Almond Oil To Enhance Its Benefits For Your Hair

Do you remember how much your parents would stress the importance of eating almonds for a great memory and good health (especially during exam season)? But one more thing we all need to know is that almonds can play an extremely important role in hair care, especially when used as an oil.  Did you know that the almond is considered the ‘King Of Nuts’? It’s full of healthy fats, fibre, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals that make it a nutritional powerhouse! It’s, therefore, no surprise that the oil derived from this nut is extremely popular for its immense benefits for hair, body, and skin too.

Curry Leaves & Almond Oil For Hair Growth The best way to reap the benefits of this oil is via a hot almond oil massage which can work wonders on your scalp. Curry leaves are rich in amino acids and almond oil is packed with Vitamin E. Together, they stimulate blood circulation and healthy hair growth.

Almond Oil And Yoghurt For Healthy Hair A deep conditioning mask of almond oil for hair encourages the growth of strong hair. The anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil strengthen the scalp and banish away infection. When combined with moisturising yoghurt and the humectant honey, they work together to give hair all-around care.

Lemon Juice & Almond Oil For Hair Nourishment You’ve heard about the benefits of lemon for the skin but the hair as well? Yes, it’s true! With its clarifying properties, lemon unclogs dead cells and build-up from the scalp. When combined with almond oil, it nourishes the strands too!

Almond Oil And Jojoba Oil To Prevent Hairfall What’s better than one hair oil? Two, of course! Get double the benefit by combining two oils for a head massage. Regular use of almond oil can make your tresses softer, aid hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. Almond and jojoba oil neutralise the production of sebum on the scalp so that excess hair fall and greasiness can be prevented.

Almond Oil With Banana & Honey For Shiny Hair Make good use of any remaining bananas by making a hair pack with them. When potassium-rich bananas combine with almond oil which is full of antioxidants, they reduce hair loss and make hair look shiny as ever.

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