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5 Homemade Wax Recipes For Hair Removal At Home

Sugar wax is the best choice and requires only a few ingredients. It’s natural and generally less painful than the other options.

1. Sugar Wax

This is a great option for waxing at home. The classic honey wax has potential dermatological benefits. Honey has antimicrobial properties which makes it a perfect choice.

2. Honey Wax

This recipe is indulgent and seems luxurious but is so easy to make. Cocoa is high in anti-inflammatory plant compounds and a chocolate wax just smells great.

3. Chocolate Wax

Fruits contain plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You can customise the wax by adding your favourite fruit to this ‘how to make wax’ at-home recipe.

4. Fruit Wax

White chocolate wax is surely an indulgence you can try. It reduces and delays the premature ageing of your skin. White chocolate wax calms your skin, unlike normal wax.

5. White Chocolate Wax

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