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5 Health Issues That Affect Women With HIV/AIDS

1. STD-Related Medical Conditions Women with HIV/AIDS are more susceptible to some STDs like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), genital herpes, and chancroid and, in such cases, these diseases are more difficult to treat.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Bacterial Vaginosis occurs as a result of changes in the quantity of certain types of bacteria found in the vagina. Women with HIV/AIDS are more susceptible to being diagnosed with BV and are also more difficult to treat effectively.

3. Vaginal Yeast Infections Same as in the case of BV, vaginal yeast infections can also occur more frequently among women infected with HIV/AIDS and are also harder to treat. More specifically, recurring vaginal yeast infections, those that occur more than four times a year, are more commonly diagnosed among women with advanced HIV or AIDS.

4. Irregular Menstrual Cycle Women with HIV are more likely to experience irregular menstruation, heavier or lighter period flow, or more severe premenstrual syndrome.

5. Cervical Cancer Women with HIV also are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with cervical cancer. The cervical cancer that originates in the cervix, the lower and narrower part of the uterus, is usually always caused by HPV or Human Papillomavirus infection. HPV-induced cervical cancer is more common among women with HIV. This cancer being an age-defining cancer, its diagnosis indicates that the HIV infection has progressed to AIDS.

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