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5 Hair Care Tips For New Moms

Weight gain, breastfeeding troubles, backaches; I think as a new mom I was prepared for most things in terms of body changes back in those days. I wonder how I was totally unaware of the mandatory hair and skin woes that begin postpartum and end almost never!

1. Nutrition No lapses in taking multivitamins and other medicines prescribed by the gynaecologist.

2. Champi Regular oiling of hair: Onion, amla, moringa, and curry leaves are known to have nourishing properties that give a boost to hair growth. I have never had the courage to invest so much time in getting all these ingredients every time. So mostly relied on an all-natural herbal hair oil and Health Me Please homemade one hits the target.

3. Let It Loose Keeping hair tied in a loose bun, instead of a tight hairstyle.

4. Drink Enough Water By drinking the water that your body needs, your skin, scalp and body will function significantly better than they would without enough hydration. It helps energize and support hair growth from root to tip.

5. Invest In Good Products If your thinner hair is bugging you, try a new haircut or invest in a volumizing shampoo.

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