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5 Habits Entrepreneurs Should Practice, One Woman To Another

The Channel 46 caught up with Meeta Gutgutia, Founder of Women Listed & Sipping Thoughts, & Co-Founder of Ferns N Petals, who lists some habits women entrepreneurs should practice, based on learnings that she has gathered over the years through her entrepreneurial journey.

1. Believe Remember, belief is one side of the coin, the other being commitment. Isn’t it the beginning of it all? To have the conviction that backs the zeal to pursue your big dream. For an entrepreneur, your work is an extension of yourself. It’s what you resonate with the most, which is why you’re on this journey.

2. Discipline Discipline is the grinder to your fruit juice, your ingredients being effort, hard work, backend knowledge, research and development, team, and finances. You win some, you lose some, but discipline is what will make you win most battles. Patience, perseverance, and punctuality are the 3Ps you should swear by throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

3. Action Rather Than Procrastination Course-correct on the way when required but don’t ever let good ideas go vary in trying to micromanage or perfecting every detail. Sometimes we’re so sold on the idea of “perfection” that we can’t help but plan, pre-plan, and re-plan that we land up being fickle-minded.

4. Take Guidance Find people who are attuned emotionally, intellectually, and business-wise with you and also share the same wavelength with what you want to incorporate in your business. You like to wear Prada? And Gucci too. And on many days a saree picked from the handloom weaver.

5. Taking Criticism Like you’re appointing different people to help you navigate through different phases and decisions, finding someone whose criticism comes from a place of love is important. One of the best ways of growing is allowing criticism to help you and push you to do better. But also keep in mind that not all talk is to be taken to heart.

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