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5 Footwear Styles That Should Be A Part Of Your Wedding Trousseau

Footwear is an extension of your personality. No wonder, people often  prefer to make a first impression of you through the shoes you’re  wearing and how clean they are. It is not only a mirror for the person  that you are, but it talks volumes about how organised and sorted you  are in your life. Footwear completes a wardrobe and introduces the  much-needed final finishing touches to the look you want to flaunt for  the day. Rightly said, it’s all in the details, and footwear is an  accessory that can make or break your look.

1. Toe-Loop Strap Flats A wardrobe staple, this versatile beauty is a definite essential. It  goes with every look from ethnic to western and, hence, the traditional  toe-loop strap slides are your BFFs. Make sure to pick them in neutral  tones to match any outfit from your closet. If you love shimmer, a  little bit of glitz here and there can introduce a celebratory touch to  your day, without overpowering your ensemble.

2. Two Strap Block Heels The “chunky yet very feminine” style is an all-time favourite,  irrespective of the fashion season. It enables you to flaunt your  freshly-pedicured feet and painted, shapely nails while giving you a  little bit of height. If you love to add some height, this is your  opportunity. But, in case you’re already tall and are a little sceptical  of adding more to your height, take this opportunity to stand taller  because you deserve to be the cynosure of all eyes on your Big Day.

3. Wedges Not fond of stilettos or would like to add a variety of heels to your  footwear closet? In that case, wedges are your answer. Pick this style  for unmatched height and comfort. As comfortable as they are, they can  be paired with every ensemble in your bridal trousseau and are ideal for  a garden wedding. Go for a pair of gold or silver tinted, shiny or  matte wedge heels to complement your bridal wear and be ready to make  heads turn.

4. Sneakers For the unversed, white sneakers are the in-thing even with  traditional wear. Comfortable and chic, sneakers impart an edgy touch to  the outfit. If you’re that quirky, experimental bride who wants to stay  clear of the tried and tested, sneakers might be your vibe. If white is  not your colour and you would rather prefer a shimmery or a pop hue, go  for gold or silver, or opt for colour block with fuschia, turquoise or  one of the fluorescent shades.

5. Traditional Toe-Loop Strap Style Platform Pencil Heels The tricky one but the kind of footwear every woman wants and must  own, especially if you’re planning your wedding footwear trousseau. It  goes with every look from ethnic to western and Indo-western. The  platform reduces the high arch and gives the perfect comfort – the ideal  footwear for the day when you have to be up on your feet for several  hours on end to greet your guests.

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