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5 Flower Design Ideas For Your Wedding

1 Hero Local Blooms Not only will this keep your event ecologically responsible but it  will also support your local community after a particularly rough patch.  You can certainly add in high-end blooms but the local varieties should  be the focal point. In all likelihood, you will even be able to score a  better deal and increase the number of flowers you’d envisioned by  using your original budget with a possibly larger quantity of local  produce.

2. Personalise Selecting floral colours more representative of personal preferences  is a big trend of 2021. People are eschewing the normal pastels or  Indian reds for more personal and quirky pallets that are more  indicative of the couples personal preferences.

3. Have Fun Since intimate weddings are likely to be a more casual atmosphere,  people are ready to have a little fun with the design and think out of  the box. Kale flowers combined with Celosia, dried arrangements, using  precious heirlooms or family pieces in the decor; it all works when the  details are more noticeable.

4. Monochrome 2021 is all about monochrome. The key to making it work is to work  within tones of the same colour. Monochrome weddings stand out from the  crowd and a great choice of colour for your floral arrangements can  bring some elegance to the wedding.

5. Statement Pieces Hanging installations were huge last year but this year the trend is  to keep things more grounded both physically and conceptually. When in  an intimate setting just one dramatic installation can make a huge  statement. Wall backdrops of trailing greens and taped flowers are also  strong trends that are relatively easy to execute.

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