5 Fast Facts About Contraception In India

Sexual Health

1. In India, The Burden Of Contraception Still Lies On The Woman Nearly 75.4% of married men in India currently use no method of contraception, as per the National Family Health Survey.

2. Only About 50% Married Women Uses Birth Control  Despite the fact that 47.8% of women in India use some form of birth control, there is still quite a bit that the average woman doesn’t know about her birth control.

3. Birth Control Pills Are Preferred Mode Of Birth Control For Women In India    The oral contraceptive pill & female sterilization method are some of the most commonly used methods of contraception since 1982.

4. There Are Different Types Of Contraceptive Methods   There are multiple options available in India like the birth control pill, vaginal rings, contraceptive injections, the IUD, condoms & more.

5. Contraceptives Are Not 100% Effective   No method can give a foolproof guarantee of preventing pregnancy. Even condoms give around 80% protection.