5 Facts About The Republic Day That You May Not Be Aware Of

Hindi was declared as the national language of India on this day in 1965 … mentioned that  English would cease to be the preferred language for official purposes  15 years after the Constitution came into being, more precisely on 26th  January 1965.

21 guns are fired after the President’s cavalier bodyguards salute the National Flag However, the 21 guns are not fired using guns. In fact, 7 cannons of  the Indian Army, referred to as 25 ponders, are used to fire these  rounds

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The military group covers 9kms Each arm of the military – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force  covers 9 km each. On the other hand, the tableau moves at a speed of 5  km/hr approximately, with the drivers driving through a small window

The parade preparations begin as early as July of the previous year The participants are  notified of their participation officially and they start with the  practice right away at their respective locations, continuing the same  till August

Every detail matters to prevent losses to the organisers The dynamism of the Republic Day parade implies that every detail  matters. The shortest of delays and the minutest of mistakes cost the  organisers heavily