5 Dussehra Celebration Activities That Are Fun & Entertaining

1. Dance Infuse energy and joy into your celebrations with a lively Garba  or Dandiya night.

2. Ramleela Embrace your rich cultural heritage by organising a vibrant Ramleela where you reenact the legendary battle of Ramji against the demon king Ravan.

3. Food Festival Everybody loves eating, so host an extravaganza featuring diverse foods from all cultures.

4. Craft Workshops Engage people of all ages in hands-on activities by organising craft workshops. Provide them with materials and guidance to make the idols, masks, or any other traditional Dussehra crafts.

5. Decorative Rangoli Foster creativity and healthy competition by organising a classic and iconic rangoli competition, where you would provide participants with vibrant coloured powders, flower petals,