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5 DIY Makeup Removers With An Essential Guide & Must-Try Recommendations

Keeping your skin healthy is something we all wish to have. However, it is on some of the special occasions when the usage of a little makeup, for the time being, causes long-term trouble for the skin due to exposure to the chemicals in there. While it is tempting to go directly to bed after a sangeet session, night out on the town or a party, sleeping with your makeup on can damage the skin. It is important not to neglect skincare and to make sure to use a makeup remover before sleeping. Take a step towards healthy skin and let it breathe. Here are some must-try techniques along with product recommendations for the best makeup remover.

Essential Guide To Remove Makeup Effectively Ensuring good skin starts with a thorough cleansing. However, sometimes no matter how well you scrub and lather, it is not at all possible to get the makeup off completely. So here are some effective steps that will help remove the makeup from your face with ease. 1. Take Time For Better Effects Sometimes, the slower the work, the better would be the results. Apply Ponds makeup remover or any other makeup remover of your choice and allow it to sit for some time. Let it have a few minutes while you try to do the brush and floss. It will help soften the liner, mascara, and the other make-ups you have used to slip off. After a while, wipe it.

2. Use Soap And Water Instead Of Relying On Makeup Wipes Well, definitely makeup remover wipes can be an excellent choice acting as but it is important to follow a better sink session. Using the makeup remover wipes will not wipe off the makeup, as one would still need to wash the face. So, make sure you use water and face wash to remove the residue and get the skin prepped for a better good night regimen.

3. Remove Makeup Using Cleanser If you are using a face wash for removing the makeup, use the micellar water (Garnier micellar water or any other brand) first or any kind of cleansing oil. These are known as the most effective for coaxing off stubborn makeup, including foundations and brow pigments. Truly these new oil cleaners are truly miracles. But if you are not comfortable with using an oil cleanser, use gel textured or milky textured cleaners as alternatives.

4. Cleanse The Eyelid Edges Properly It is one of the most neglected areas during makeup removal. Remember, if it is left unattended, the liner and the mascara can build up there over time and finally lead to eye irritation. You can even use the olive oil with makeup remover pads, that will help break it all, and you won’t be required to scrub further, causing the lashes to break off and fall. Also, give removal enough time for penetrating and then gently use the reusable cotton pads to make the mascara slide off.

5. Cleanse The Hairline After Pushing Back The Hair Makeup residue gets accumulated around the hairline, and that leads to breakouts and clogged pores. Therefore, you must make sure to tie up the hair back or slide on a headband to ensure every makeup trace can be removed. 6. Use Cotton Pads Instead Of Cotton Balls Using cotton balls causes the fibres to be left behind on the lashes or the skin. This will cause a long time of irritation when you will be trying to soothe or detox. The cotton pads have a quilted texture, and therefore they are very helpful. Use speciality versions for some serious makeup removal.

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