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5 DIY Makeup Removers

1. Aloe Vera & Olive Oil Makeup Remover For amping-up the cleansing routine, ensure to add some aloe vera water with olive oil or any of your favourite oil. It is completely suitable for all skin types, and you will just need a bottle, aloe vera water, and extra virgin olive oil. It is very helpful for sensitive skin and is one of the best homemade makeup removers.

2. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover The coconut oil works as a brilliant item for breaking up the substances of the makeup that are water-resistant. It also helps to maintain the hydration of the skin. However, make sure to give a follow up with a soap and water session for better cleansing. It is completely suitable for dry, dehydrated, and dull skin.

3. Baby Shampoo-Eye Makeup Remover If you are worried about how to remove waterproof mascara, use the no-tears baby shampoo along with olive oil or coconut oil and water. It is suitable for all sensitive skin and eyes.

4. Witch Hazel Makeup Remover It is one of the brilliant ways to remove the makeup that is water and oil-based. It does not contain any irritating chemicals and will help remove the makeup and will also help reduce the building up of the pores. It is suitable for oily, sensitive, and dry skin.

5. Jojoba & Rose Makeup Remover Better than the Garnier makeup remover is jojoba oil which acts as a natural makeup remover. It helps better in moisturising, nourishing, and soothing the skin, helping the same look fresh and radiant. It is completely suitable for all skin types, and you just need some jojoba oil, rose water, and a glass bottle to prepare the solution.

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