5 DIY Lanterns You Can Make For This Diwali 


1. Cardboard Lantern  This cardboard lantern is a welcome change from the traditional red or yellow lanterns. Bring home the cosmos with this galaxy themed lantern.

2. Paper Cup Glitter Lantern Stuck with too many unused paper cups from your child’s last birthday party? Put them to good use with these colourful and bright lanterns.

3.  Mason Jar Lantern This contemporary kandil can be made with old jam jars or mason jars and is a great way to decorate your home in a modern way.

4. Glitter Paper Lantern An ideal choice for mothers with very small kids wondering how to make lantern, this cute little lantern is sure to bring a twinkle to your little one’s eye.

5. Sequin Lace & Pom Pom Lantern The milk cartons which would otherwise be dumped in the bin  can now be transformed into these spectacular lanterns.