5 DIY Foot Creams For Smooth, Soft Heels


The vitamins E and A in the shea butter are great to maintain healthy skin. Combined with the sweet almond oil, this cream is great at moisturising the skin deeply and keeping it soft.

1. Peppermint Infused Coconut Oil Foot Care Cream

Honey in this best foot cream proves great in healing cracked feet and moisturises the skin well. Additionally, milk restores the glow and texture of the skin and deeply nourishes it.

2. Milk & Honey Foot Care Cream

Tea-tree oil is always best for retaining the natural moisture of your feet. Combined with cocoa butter, this foot cream gives amazing results in turning your dry, cracked heels to soft and gentle.

3. Cocoa Butter & Tea-tree Oil Moisturising Foot Cream

These shea foot cream benefits are abundant for your feet. This cream heals cracks, deeply moisturises the feet, and at the same time reduces foot odour.

4. Shea Butter Foot Salve

This miraculous lemon and ginger oil foot cream relax and treats your tired feet in a gentle way. It works as a skin booster and deeply moisturises, softens and soothes your dry hard foot skin.

5. Lemon & Ginger Oil Foot Cream

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