5 Delhi Stores With Gorgeous Lehengas For The Wedding Season

Asiana Couture: Be it custom-designed outfits,  budget-friendly lehengas, or a unique piece of art, you are sure to fall  in love with their creativity, they have the best lehengas in Delhi.

Om Prakash Jawahar Lal: Be it the classic red  lehengas or the intricate ivory lehengas similar to that of Sabyasachi  outfits, the father-daughter duo store has elegant and beautiful bridal  pieces with trendy designs that will surely make you swoon over their  collection!

Shrangar Delhi: From powder blue off-shoulder  lehenga for an engagement ceremony to a pretty floral bridal embroidered  lehenga, Shrangar Delhi is a 33-year-old store and is a blessing to all  those brides who love something hatke.

Christina WT: If you are a bride who loves neutral,  beige, ice cream and pastel shades, then girl you have landed on the  right track. Inspired by the elegance of the royalties this store  located at Shahpur Jat has breathtaking bridal lehengas that have an eye  for beautiful detailing.

Abhinav Mishra: If you are a bold woman of choice, then  Abhinav Mishra is the person and designer you need to look for. Every  bride can find her desired outfit for any ceremony!

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