5 Creative Rangoli Ideas That You Can Try This Festive Season


1. Abstract Rangoli Design This is modern art right on your floor. Not everyone has to interpret what the design actually denotes or each of us might interpret it differently.

2. Corner Rangoli Design If you don’t have enough space at home for an elaborate rangoli or want to draw multiple rangolis other than the one that attracts the centre of attention, here’s your cue.

3. Textual Rangoli Design Rangolis needn’t always be traditional & contemporary designs or a blend of these elements. You can experiment with textual ones as well.

4. Border Rangoli Designs This rangoli design holds its distinctiveness with the desi patterns along its outer circumference.

5. Paisley Rangoli Design One of the most popular desi motifs is paisley. And during traditional festivities, you will see them at every turn.