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5 Countries That Offer Indians Quick Visas

You want a quick trip overseas because you hardly get time to plan in advance. Par visa ka kya? That takes time or so you think! Because they are countries that offer Indians visas at a breakneck speed of a few days to no more than a couple of weeks. Some even make visas available to us after our arrival there. Learn more about these 5 countries that offer Indians quick visas.

1. UAE Appreciate the mesmerising silhouette of the skyscrapers while in the UAE. Also, don’t miss out on indulging in desert safaris, camel rides, and sandboarding to explore the picturesque terrains of the sand dunes. Time: 3-4 days; Visa Cost: Rs 7,000 (approx) How To Reach: Take a flight to any one of the 6 airports When To Visit: October to February

2. MALDIVES Swimming with the magnificent marine life in the aquamarine waters around this island country is obvious. Soak in the local culture, sun, and the sand by taking a leisurely walk along the shore. Time: Visa On Arrival; Visa Cost: Free For 90 days How To Reach: Take a flight to Male Airport or any of the 4 other international airports When To Visit: December to February

3. SINGAPORE Take a tour around the lush green gardens to witness nature in all its glory and visit the museums to acquaint yourself with the country’s rich culture. Plan a trip to the celebrated Sentosa Island and treat your senses to the unique flavours of its cuisine. Time: 5 days; Visa Cost: Rs 3,000 (approx) How To Reach: Take a flight to Changi Airport When To Visit: November to early January & June to July

4. TURKEY Bask in the turquoise blue waters surrounding the country, experience leisure at a Turkish bath, admire the architectural beauty of Istanbul and introduce yourself to the advent of civilization. Time: 15 days; Visa Cost: Rs 8,000 (approx) How To Reach: Take a flight to any of the 10 airports in Turkey When To Visit: June to August

5. NORWAY Ah, the Northern Lights! You just have to experience its spellbinding magic. Ski and hike to really get the flavour of the country, take the fascinating Munch Museum Tour and Akershus Castle Tour. Time: 15 days; Visa Cost: Rs 6,500 (approx) How To Reach: Take a flight to Oslo International Airport When To Visit: June to August

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