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5 Common Causes Of Skin Redness In Winter

As the air gets colder and drier in winter, the moisture content of our skin begins to drop, leading to dry, itchy, and red skin. Skin redness is a very common skin problem that affects all skin types. However, people with dry skin or with a history of any skin problem are more prone to it. It can occur in any area of your body, but parts that are continuously exposed to cold and harsh climates are most likely to be affected.

Excessive use of room heaters and / or spending too much time near the fireplace can cause your skin to dry out

Cleansing your skin too often or using harsh cleansers, which can strip the natural oils of the skin, making it prone to dryness and redness especially during cold weather

What causes redness on face also includes taking hot and long showers during winter as this may end up causing skin irritation

Cold and harsh winds are also one of the main red face causes. The wind strips your skin of natural oils and moisture

Sunburn and sun damage may also cause red spots on skin

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