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5 Children's Movies That Are As Appealing To Adults

Children’s movies have so much more to them than what meets the eye. While appealing to the innocent curiosity of the little ones, they also indulge the child-like souls of adults that never stop craving for ingenuous experiences. Hamare andar chhote bachchon ko jagaa dete hai, hai na? Make the most of this 14th November to catch up on a children’s movie (or two) that hasn’t lost its appeal among kids and adults alike, and never will. Have a free day? Get hold of your favourite snack and binge away on your favourite OTT platforms with your kids in tow.

Mowgli (Hindi) / Jungle Book Yet another movie set in a fascinating wildlife scenario, this classic never feels like a bore even if you’ve binged on it an uncountable number of times. It narrates the story of a boy raised by animals since childhood. Hence, he’s picked by the mannerisms and lifestyle of the protective animals that are his only family.

Home Alone The fact the Home Alone franchise flaunts a series of five movies talks volumes about its success. And you know it’s relevant even today because the suspense keeps you on tenterhooks every time you watch them.

Bhootnath A family of three moves into a new house, parents along with their son, Banku. Soon they discover a harmless ghost – Bhootnath in the Nath Villa and Banku strikes up a friendship with him immediately. They discover that Bhootnath isn’t too happy about the new inhabitants moving into his home.

Stanley Ka Dabba A very endearing story that mirrors the simplicity and innocence of children and their quick wit amidst incidences of bullying. Here, the bully is an adult – their teacher, who forces children to share their food with him. To the extent that he refuses them entry unless they carry a lunchbox to school everyday, without fail.

Mr India A poor but large-hearted man loves to take children to the safe and warm confines of his home, despite his restricted means. He decides to put his scientist father’s invisibility device to good use, when he comes to know about it, for the wellbeing of his adopted children.

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