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If you are not blessed with naturally thick brows or have been over threading and overplucking, this product is just what you need. Eyebrow gels can make your brows appear thicker and fuller as they cause the brows to stick together

1. Makes Your Eyebrows Look Thicker

Many women complain that although their eyebrow product works wonders, it does not last very long. That’s one problem you wouldn’t have to face with an eyebrow gel.

2. Keeps Your Brows Tamed All Day Long

An eyebrow gel not only helps keep your brows in place, but it also works very well for really thin brows and brows with gaps. A number of eyebrow gels come with a hint of colour.

3. It Fills In The Gaps

Several eyebrow gel brands claim that their products can help your brows grow thicker. A number of these products contain castor oil and other nourishing ingredients that promote hair growth in general.

4. It Can Promote Brow Hair Growth

Applying eye makeup can be tricky but that’s not the case with eyebrow gels. Applying eyebrow gel is quick and easy. All you have to do is use the spoolie to brush your brows and let it dry for a minute or two.

5. It Is Super Easy To Use

The Channel 46

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