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5 Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid For Your Skin

One can notice visible signs of skin improvement after 3 months of usage Usually, the studies suggest that in 3 months of using HA in anti-wrinkle creams and serums, a 10-30% tightening and fading of fine lines and wrinkles around eyes and lips are reported.

Allergies or rashes are mostly caused by parabens or fragrance HA is a natural product of the body. In most cases when there is some allergy, rash, irritation, burning, stinging, itching or redness due to a product with HA, it is most likely due to other ingredients in the product than the HA molecule in itself.

One can use hyaluronic acid moisturisers on the body too The use of hyaluronic acid is not just limited to the face. HA containing moisturisers can be used all over the body. This includes the thick dry skin of palms and soles.

Use hyaluronic acid products on damp skin Alcohols in the products like Isopropyl Alcohol are very harsh and drying and should not be used with HA. On the contrary, Vitamin C with HA is a very synergistic combination.

HA sheet masks are good for people with dry skin Using sheet masks with HA especially by people with dry skin is like using long hydrating moisturizing creams.

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