5 Haircare Tips From The Founder of Fix My Curls


Anshita Mehrotra, Founder of Fix My Curls, shared her 5 favourite tips to maintain a great hair care routine without spending 3-4 hours in one go!

1. Sleep on Satin! If you’re lazy about hair care, just change or wash your satin pillowcase once in 2-3 weeks but make sure to have one when you go to bed.

2. Use a dry shampoo on a busy day On the rest of the days, keep a  dry shampoo handy, or maintain protective hairstyles.

3. Use a one and done styling product instead of two! The one and done styling product you can fall back on is always a hair mousse.

4. Convert your conditioner into a leave-in cream! Just shampooed your hair? Obviously, now it’s time for the conditioner.

5. Greasy hair? Make it seem intentional. A lot of girls deal with overly oily hair, but lately the slicked back bun is in trend.