5 Beauty Secrets Of Birthday Babe Ananya Panday

1. HALDI MORNINGS Ananya starts her day with a glass of warm water and haldi for its health and skin benefits

2. CONSISTENT NIGHTTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE The ‘Gehrayian’ star dedicates 10-15 minutes every night to her skincare, counting it as her ‘me-time’, and stresses the importance of consistency.

3. NON-NEGOTIABLE SUNSCREEN Ananya swears by sunscreen, whether indoors or outdoors, to maintain her natural glow and preserve youthful skin.

4. ALOE VERA MAGIC Ananya uses natural aloe vera juice to soothe her skin, especially during acne or sunburn episodes.

5. ROSE WATER INFUSION Ananya incorporates rose water into her skincare routine, especially her face, because of its role in enhancing her skin’s energy.