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5 Beauty Secrets From Yami Gautam On Her 34th Birthday

1. Haircare With Kitchen Ingredients The  diva owes her hair health to the goodness of homemade hair masks using  olive oil, coconut oil, and egg whites. The kitchen ingredients nourish  her tresses from the root to the tips, adding the sheen, volume, and  bounce that you see.

2. Swears By Herbal Products Yami  believes in the magic of herbal ingredients as a part of her skincare  routine, brands like Himalaya and Ayurveda being her favourites. Since  she wears makeup for long hours and is exposed to harsh archlights for  long periods of time, she makes sure that she removes her makeup before  going to bed.

3. Exfoliates regularly Like  the rest of her skincare regimen, her exfoliation pack is also homemade  (yet again!). She mixes yoghurt, milk, and rice powder to make a simple  yet effective exfoliation mask because it opens pores and enables her  skin to breathe.

4. Dewy Makeup for Her Everyday look When  she’s not shooting, she prefers to avoid using foundation and  concealer. Instead, she is partial to Maybelline mascara to open her  eyes up, strawberry lip balms by The Body Shop, and MAC liquid  foundation when she has to use one. She loves Clarins moisturiser as the  base for her natural makeup look.

5. Strict Diet Yami  starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey. Her  breakfast and snack are light and mostly comprises fruits, while her  lunch includes dal, veggies or chicken curry, along with chapati,  yoghurt, and cucumber salad. For dinner, she has grilled fish.

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