5 Authentic Easter Delicacies


1. Chocolate Eggs  Chocolate eggs are the heart and soul of this festival, traditional easter egg recipe included marzipan flowers and sugared almond stuffings. 

2. Hot Cross Buns  Hot cross buns easter tradition is followed on good friday and the cross on top of buns, signifies the crucifiction of Jesus. This easter egg recipe is easy to follow and so rewarding.

3. Traditional Easter Cake (Simnel Cake) The origins of this sweet dish are unknown, but it is a crowd favourite this time of the year. 

4. Roast Lamb  This delicious easter lamb dish is served on Easter sunday. A lot of christian stories reference this and that’s one of the reasons it’s linked to this festival. 

5. Easter Cookies  When you have guests and friends coming over, you can never go wrong with freshly baked cookies-especially colourfully decorated ones.