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5 Apps That You Must Explore If You're A Mom

Grofers If you’re tired of going to your local shop for buying daily  groceries and vegetables, Grofers is there to your rescue. The  e-commerce app allows you to buy your groceries online and ensures  delivery within a few hours. For that matter, not just limited to  groceries, Grofers has a huge range of household items, gifting  solutions, and personal grooming items too.

Khan Academy What’s a mom’s phone that doesn’t double up as a kids’ entertainment  tool? While screen-time is something we all want to keep minimal for our  children, there are some situations where giving a gadget to kids  becomes inevitable. YouTube is great too in such situations, but I  prefer something more interactive that focuses on the skill-development  aspect of my children rather than just passive viewing of videos from  un-ending options available.

Nykaa When life gives you lemons, Go Shopping! Beauty, fashion, and  self-care – you’ll find everything on this app by Nykaa. From my  personal grooming essentials to beauty and fashion wear, I swear by the  Nykaa app. This premier e-commerce platform caters to all my make-up and  cosmetic needs.

Urban Company I have always advocated asking for help if need be, especially if you  are a mom. Sometimes that helping hand has to come from someone outside  your home; that’s when you need Urban Company. The app connects you  with “specialists” who help you get work done, from repairs to errands  to salon services. The interface is super simple – select a task, see a  list of jobs, choose the specifications, and you’re done.

Practo Again, a very handy app for emergencies, and as a parent, you need to  be prepared for one. It lets you book appointments with the doctor,  take video consultations, book tests and checkups, and even pick basic  medicines. There have been times, especially during the pandemic, when I  have been unable to reach my doctor, in such a case, Practo has been  extremely useful.

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