4 Ways To Make Fertilisers At Home With Minimal Time And Effort


Along with being rich in potassium, bananas also contain calcium and phosphorus that are perfect for fertilising flowering and fruit plants. You can bury banana peels in the soil at the base of your plants and allow them to decompose

1. Banana Peels

Eggshells contain a lot of calcium which helps with the cellular growth of your plants. Calcium deficient soil can often lead to various garden catastrophes. You can crush up used eggshells and then bury them in the soil. Boil the shells in the water for just a few minutes and then leave overnight.

2. Egg Shells

This is an especially good fertiliser for roses, hydrangeas, and magnolias, but you can also use it on your veggies to help them grow. Work your coffee grounds into the soil at the base of your plants, and the coffee will perk those plants right up!

3. Coffee Grounds

This is another excellent homemade fertiliser. The nutrients will differ depending on what you’ve boiled. Veggies, rice, eggs, pasta, potatoes and spinach are all foods you can boil and use the water from cooking them as fertiliser for your plants.

4. Cooking Water

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