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4 Ways In Which Diabetes Affects Women Differently Than Men

High blood sugar levels result from either of the two types of diabetes – type 1 diabetes, which is caused by a lack of insulin production, or type 2 diabetes, which is caused by an inability to produce enough insulin (type 2). Diabetics with type 2 diabetes account for more than 90% of cases. Diabetes affects both women and men but has varied effects on the genders. It can cause permanently adverse health issues. However, women may experience more severe side effects, such as heart problems. Diabetes is the leading cause of deaths due to a health condition. So grave is the situation that 14th November of every year is commemorated as World Diabetes Day across the world.

1. Compared to males, diabetic women have a higher chance of developing heart disease Diabetes increases a man’s risk of heart disease by double. But the risk is significantly greater for women. Women are far less likely than males to develop heart disease without diabetes because our hormones act as a safeguard. With diabetes, however, this protective effect is no longer sufficient.

2. Women are more susceptible to urinary tract infections, a diabetic complication that occurs often All infections are made more likely by diabetes, but because it also affects the bladder, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are more prevalent. Neuropathy can be brought on by diabetes, particularly if it is poorly managed. Damage to the nervous system, such as that caused by neuropathy, can make it difficult to empty the bladder.

3. The impact of a woman’s hormone cycle on insulin sensitivity Menopause is a serious problem for diabetic women. Combining diabetes and this hormonal change may result in blood sugar levels that rise even higher, weight gain, and sleep problems. Thus, major difficulties may develop further as a result, aggravating earlier health problems. The way that insulin interacts with the bodies of many diabetic women varies depending on the stage of the hormone cycle.

4. Other diabetic complications that might be fatal for women Diabetes can cause several major health problems if it is not properly treated. Amputation, neuropathy, retinopathy, cardiovascular disease, and renal disease are a few of them. Due to nerve, muscle, and blood artery damage, erectile dysfunction affects 45 per cent of men with diabetes.

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